City Tour In Bremen

Who makes vacation on the North Sea should visit the Hanseatic City of Bremen who goes on holiday in Lower Saxony, Germany on the North Sea coast and here especially in the Cuxhaven land should be the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven can visit. Who has not yet visited these cities, which should participate best in a city tour in Bremen, to experience as the Central and most beautiful locations. In Bremen from the station daily, except Mondays, Bremerhaven from the Fischerreihafen out. Of course style can play a tour of just a glimpse of the telegram 2, 3 hours. But the most important and most beautiful visit points are controlled.

In Bremen, the historic old town is, of course, the main attraction. In Bremerhaven, there are the huge container plants in the huge port area. Unfortunately, “Driving in the port” as a result of the economic crisis is not as lively, yet to get a gwaltigen insight into the “world container”. The most important and most beautiful points of visit in the historic old town in Bremen are the Town Hall (built about 1404) with the market place, the industrial and Inscribtion, the citizenship (the Parliament), the DOM St.Petri, the Bremer Stadtmuikanten and Roland. The unique Schnorr district with narrow streets and historic buildings and the famous bottcherstrasse is located right next door. The Weser promenade Schlachte is a magnet for the public especially in the summer. After a short tour of the old city, it is beyond the Weser Stadium and the University. Here you can see the newly built Science Center (“hands-on Science”).

Who has time should the Science Center outside the city tour visit the (see). The must go Vegesack who wants to experience port flair, Bremen (outside the city). Seen in the large container ships in the world and the large cruise ships but in Bremhaven. The sail, the big sailing event is held again at the end of August 2010, RVP Miss for every “Navigator”. The city of Bremerhaven offers many attractions. The Maritime Museum, the Zoo am Meer, the newly built Climatehouse or the emigration were mentioned here as an example. In the year 2007 the emigration was elected to the Museum of the year at the European level. For the first time after 15 years, a German Museum again received this prestigious award. The visiting Bremen so who cares for historic old towns, who loves the seafaring, is really good hands in Bremerhaven. You combine your vacation on the North Sea with a Beuch of the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. By the way who travels has much to tell… Bodo MICHALSKI