Credit Card

For example, they buy something with its credit card and they pay month to it to month, they lose a percentage of its pay in which this costing to them. That is not the philosophy of the rich ones. The futurist may not feel the same. The poor men are worse. They do not buy things that pay to them, do not have credit, therefore they do not buy things that cost to them. They only buy gadgets and trastitos, things that at the same moment for buying do not have them any value. We if we want to arrive at the prosperity, must adopt the philosophy of the rich ones. For example, whenever we obtained a client, this one does not cost to us, but it pays to us, becomes resource. If we know to accumulate resources we will get to be rich.

I believe that there is a very important point that many ignore, or perhaps enters within the classification of those of middle-class, in any case he is not well explicit. This step very significant to get to be prosperous is to lose the bad habit to put to us in debts. Perhaps much people not of account, but can get to affect enormously our lives the fact to be tied to something, or several accounts. Kill a time back I was I took root, the money that arrived at to my had it hands to spend immediately in something, or any thing that offered to me trusted, or that saw touched to me and solicitd that they give money to me to acquire it. Later it felt the mooring cables on my shoulders, glided as to obtain money to only pay the accounts. And it repeated to me time and time again that serious the last time, that would pay all the accounts and it would put no longer me in no, but could not leave that vicious circle. Until I realized that the material things me did not make happy, so I went losing the taste to him to the things and spending. I was decided to enjoy everything what I have, to remove benefit to him and to feel La Paz that emanates of my interior, without needing buying nothing, it is free and accessible for me and any person who decides to do it.

No longer I must nothing or to nobody, I feel it frees like never, it adopts the following motto: ” In case I like something I acquire, it if I have the money, if I do not have it, I leave pasar” it;. And I continue with my happiness and this one does not disappear not to have what wished. I can conserve a sum of money by a prolonged time (thing that in the past was to me impossible), whenever collection I can spend in which desire, without being oppressed by the accounts, so no longer the money slips to me. If you have debts, antalas in a paper, also writes down your income, realises a payment plan or something thus, looks for the way of deshacerte the sooner of everything what it imprisons to you and then you will be able to save for soon investing in which it gives back but benefits to you. That is the way of the prosperity, you do not lose but time and transtalo already!