Decentralized Cooperation

Anyway we can enter search engines based search for decentralised cooperation for development. To give this search order you find there a few listings and you can search in connection with the theme that works. Inpsicon: how is the financial contribution that give to favored projects? Julieta Bustos: well, at this point no aid or international organization gives el100% of the project, generally give 80%, then another 20% remaining it would provide ocon contributions from the same organisation (the applicant) i.e. we put, Forexample, three staff members and we have the infrastructure and that makes 20% and 80% donor chuch Dalo. In some cases, is that you applied to a call and call Inthat give you only 20% or 30% conseguircofinanciacion then what one does is to complete 100% of the resources that are needed. Another important point is that a period of one month approximately so that one apply to laconvocatoria, to leave the call, ideally already have to elaborate draft paraquad not touch that run to apply. The donor organization has three months after derecibida information to respond if they are to give the money and to respond as you vain you do the donation. In some cases the donation made it in machinery, tools, also they can make donations in advertising and anyway one thing it is that most of these donations are non-refundable, that is good for one and all depends on audits that are made. Inpsicon: how is the process of delivering money, audits and follow-up to the proyectoseleccionado? Julieta Bustos: in some cases the entity disburse a percentage, sometimes is 50% in others is less, they can disburse in three or four games, depending on the type of negotiation that is made and then they are going to require results to make the segundodesembolso. All payments that are made must be supported by invoices, they must have all the implications of spending, there are cases where if there is an invoice beneficiary must go to a notary to ascertain the fate of the money.