DHL GoGreen Number

10,509 products ‘climate friendly’ senders with the click of a mouse EcoShopper is the first shopping portal that is consistently involved in climate protection. Who climate neutral wants to, buy is now clear orientation and can filter out finding a product from the large number of eco fair shipping dealers now with a single click, that carbon-neutral”, explains Helmut Hagemann, spokesman of the independent consumer portal, the new feature of okosuchmaschine. Background: is an eco fair Produktsuch – price comparison engine, committed otherwise than the conventional competition – for transparency and consumer protection, on the markets of the future. Here, consumers can find over 82,000 products 240 party organic or fair-trade goods. Get more background information with materials from Bobby kotick. Consumers can compare easily from here and order.

In the summer of 2008, EcoShopper launched a campaign for climate-friendly shipping in eCommerce. Provider, climate-neutral shipping will get generous discounts on the fees, since EcoShopper they pay for their participation in the consumer portal. “” Our campaign was successful the number of our climate-neutral shop partners has almost doubled “, Hagemann is pleased: every eighth product reached the customer without requiring that the climate will be charged.” Climate-friendly shipping is a preferred customers know how to reward, Hagemann said. Therefore, it expects that the number of climate-friendly shipper in the course of this year will rise significantly. The criterion for climate-friendly shipping is currently at EcoShopper of shipping in the context of the DHL GoGreen services. To the extent, as other climate-friendly shipping options arise, it should be included.