Durability Packaging

Polypropylene bags are used for storage and packaging of chemical substances legkosypuchih, foodstuffs, animal products and foods. These packages have the safety of the dirt, high chemical resistance, dimensional stability, impact resistance, strength at break and clenching, conservation of mass, long life, are not susceptible to mold and zatlevaniyu, suitability for stacking and automated processing, the sliding resistance, ease of use, the unification of design and size. If you use good packing new prospects for output growth, growth of profit, increasing the volume of sales. Production of polypropylene bags is based on three components: selection of process equipment, tooling and equipment for packaging production. The choice of sources for doing Packaging according to their technological properties.

Selecting an appropriate process of raw materials required in the product, taking into account the design features and requirements for packaging. Sewing packages. Used industrial sewing machines for sewing polypropylene, kraft paper and other bags. Very fast, single, simple filing, flat platform, dvuhnitochny chain stitch. Sewing machine and podshiva light and thick fabrics. The most suitable for polypropylene, polyethylene and other tissues. Fully automated integrated lubrication system. Technological process of creating a woven polypropylene bags – a combination of technology, plastics extrusion and weaving out of plastic.

Presently about 36% of world consumption is on the packaging. In the process of weaving a filling circular looms are flat polypropylene yarn as warp and weft. Of great importance is the ratio of the width of the thread to its thickness. Woven tubular fabric of the way automatically cut and sewn by the set sizes. In agreement with the consumer is possible to apply to the finished bag 2-color logo. To create a thread of thermoplastic extrusion technology is used in accordance with polypropylene pellets. Polypropylene obtained by gas-phase or suspension method of polymerization of propylene. At present, woven polypropylene bags have a number of advantages: Durability Elegant appearance wet strength Low cost Light weight