Evolution of Society

Later with the development of the distinctions between heads slavery appears . Secondly where the formation of cities predominates. At first the Earth and the slaves control common this stage is the development of city-Be. Thirdly we know the property feudal. The feudal gentlemen own the Earth collectively and the cities, whose workers no longer are enslaved, but servants in whom the unions of teachers, officials and merchants control the work of the day laborers and the apprentices.

Passing in another one fourth stage to the Society bourgeois he moderates. The society, in its organizativas forms, their modalities of grouping, entailment and their forms of communication, has evolved. New forms of routine character and organization of the experience have been generated. The present reunification of the world-wide market under the sign of the capitalist system, the disappearance of the socialist field and the development of a computer science and mediatic revolution in which the creation of a new dimension stands out the cyberspace marks the aim of an historical stage and can be considered the base real of the call globalization. Significant impacts in the identity of the individual (the perception of one same one) when modifying take place thus, as a result of the registries of time and space.