Exposing Reality

Build a new way of exposing reality. The idea of writing this article arose then observe news broadcasting, newspapers, various media who made me think that you approaching a possible Apocalypse Bible and based on this thinking I decided to rethink many things and here to share them. When we expose a comment, an opinion or a simple idea, we are reflecting an impulse that goes beyond what is perceived at a glance we are reflecting only almost superficial indications, you might say, of what is really motivating us to express ourselves. The idea expressed as such, because suffer variable alterations and modifications, both part of the ethics and morality of the individual to express, as well as by the setting you need to do the expresante to mold your idea to mind want to communicate or to the Group of people who want to grab. Almost all this process I describe is done unconsciously in the vast majority of cases. That is why I am highlighting it here. When we process the information that we are exposing, in general we also make this unconsciously.And we are generating a panorama of what is the reality that surrounds us and of which it formed part. Then according to the panorama that we play, we ourselves will be generating our opinions and ideas (not to say that it is the only way in which an idea is generated in each person) agreement or based on that Outlook. What we see then is that generates a chain effect, an almost mass reproduction of aspects of a possible reality, for those who are part of it is the only one that exists.Then, imagine that an entire day I discuss aspects of reality, (that does not cease to be real) but they are only focused on highlighting the negative, or the materialistic, or unlikely that reality.