Festplattenverschlusselungs Software

DriveCrypt 5.1 also for external storage media: Useless loot for data thieves latest performance level of proven Festplattenverschlusselungs software from SecurStar DriveCrypt 5.1 also for external storage media: useless loot for data thieves Munich, 09 January 2009 again scandals surrounding disks that get into the wrong hands sure stir. So a package of Bank client data is lost, for example, recently the Landesbank Berlin during a courier shipment. Camden treatment associates may find this interesting as well. By SecurStar DriveCrypt enables businesses and consumers able to protect themselves against such third-party access: not only desktops and notebooks, but also mobile storage media can be thus protected and securely connected to networks. The new version of DriveCrypt 5.1, which is available now, with many innovations waiting, are specially designed for external disk. The mobility trend represents a challenge especially when it comes to security.

With the latest generation of its famous Festplattenverschlusselungs software SecurStar responds to the current development and expanded the version 5.1 to important features. So DriveCrypt provides immediate support for read-write containers \”Packet write\” formatted discs like Blu-ray BD – RE, DVD – and CD-RW. In addition, was adapted to the traveler mode to read-write functions and improves the scripting functionality. In addition, SecurStar has made more bugfixes. Encryption for on the move: transport data securely in addition to technological features such as the ability to hide sensitive data and to complete drives using steganography in wave files, the encryption solution provides additional benefits including protecting information on mobile devices or external storage media. For example, the container files have no file header, which indicates that it is an encrypted drive.