Genetic Engineering

Initially it will not be necessary to place itself in a defensive situation, in relation to that if it relates to the transgnicos. Currently we try significant advances in some sectors of the cattle bovine, either it of cut or milk, or of commercial position or chickens it abates for it, in the transgnicas vaccine production from the alfalfa or of genetic markers that they search to identify gens melhoradores and many they are happened of the transgenia. But also situations exist where the hand of the man, promotes of indirect form the natural transgenia, in the specific case, animal improvement. It does not make use of resources technician and nor of laboratories. The nature is the great laboratory.

The transgenia (Transgenia is the insertion, in the genome of a receiving organism, through techniques of Genetic Engineering, one or more gotten genes of different individuals, that they can be of the same species of the receiving individual, or of different species.), in the reality comes advancing of form sped up in branch of the food production. Opposing the catastrophic forecasts regarding the English shepherd of the Church continental Anglicana, Thomases Malthus, in case that they did not come to occur no type of significant natural disaster, wars or epidemics, as controlling elements of the population growth to each 25 years, would not have foods enough to feed this population that grew in geometric progression, while the food production in arithmetical progression. That is to each 25 years much people would have that to die. Shepherd of the anglicano apocalypse. The transgenia appeared to give certain dose of tranquillity in relation to the food lack.

In contrast it advances of coherent form and insurance in this question. Currently the transgnicos exist contrary positions to all what concerns and this has a considerable value. The measure that exists responsible positions contradictory and with logical basement and concrete, is prevented exageros and forces the commitment with the ethics and the environment.