High Heeled Shoes

Seventeenth Century: high heels became an important element in men s and women s fashion. The shoes are 3inches in height, the shoe body is elongated, womens high heel shoes heel and the sole are connected into a whole, if you have a chance to go to the seventeenth Century street, you ll find out the street all pedestrians wearing the same shoes, because at that time the shoes manufacturing high heeled shoes for women techniques can produce high heel styles. Eighteenth Century: by the end of the seventeenth Century, people began to try to make slender heels, but inadequate support, only the top and connected with the shoe sole heel is widened, the late eighteenth Century high heels come down high heels gradually wholesale, replace sb. With ribbon and bow shoes. Nineteenth Century: MaryJane high heels wholesalecute shoes were first introduced, this style is popular in nineteenth Century for 50 years, then the shoes manufacturing technology has been remove mature, popular with different materials such as satin, silk and leather to make shoes, style diversity.