OBJECTIVE SPECIFIC: Produzir and to understand texts in adequate way to each situation of communicative interaction; Descrever the discursivo sort called email or e-mail; Identificar discursivos elements and to differentiate some recurrent definitions in the text, structure, aesthetic composition and; Identificar the literal support where the email is grafado; Perceber as the change of the customs intervenes directly with the form as the culture and history if it expands, making analyses of letters written at other times; Interagir by means of the worked literal sort, taking in consideration the discursiva modality and the literal sequncia, to involve real enunciadores and enunciatrios. METHODOLOGY: Initially to request that the pupil makes a bibliographical research to understand the post office eletrnico/e-mail, as discursivo sort, come to formulate its concept proper of agreement. Also suggesting that they evaluate other types of correspondence (letters, tickets, etc.). Creation of email of the proper pupils, exchanges of same between itself and professors and the employees of the school, to increase the virtual community and to diversify the profile of the users. The exchange can extended to somebody that ele/a (aluno/a) knows and with who already changes messages in the Internet, or the email of a former-colleague, a friend that moved of city, or still of an authority of the City etc. and, after that, the addressee defines itself to initiate the procedures of the electronic communication. The professor presents diverse modalities of e-mails printed matters, as well as disponibiliza the access softwares more used for analysis and generation of messages, having to alert them how much to the act of receiving and sending of messages of propagandas, alerting to them how much to the risks of exposition of the computer to the chain act of receiving or indesejadas messages (Spam) that, they can later damage the programs or cause other damages to them. Later, the pupil will have to choose a subject of its preference, or one of the suggested ones, developing commentaries on such subject.