It is opportune to ratify that the great majority of the available information meets stored and they are changed between the most varied automatized systems. Innumerable times, developed decisions and actions elapse of the information manipulated for the systems, thus being all and any information must be complete, needing to be available, a time that could be stored, be recouped, manipulated or processed if thus she will be necessary, as well as power to be changed of safe and trustworthy form. It is necessary to point out that the information constitutes a merchandise of utmost importance for the organizations of the diverse segments, therefore the Security of the Information has been a question of raised priority in the organizations and the world. Security of the information understands a set of measures that they aim at to protect and to preserve information and systems of important information, assuring the integrity, the availability, the authenticity, the privacy and the confidencialidade of these information. In this direction, the protection mechanisms have for objective to create a support to the restoration of systems of information, being added capacities of detention, reaction and, mainly, protection.

The use of these elements is made in accordance with the specific necessities of each organization, or institution. Thus, its use can be determined by the susceptibility of the information or systems of information, by the level of threats or any other decisions of management of risks. The organizations and, more widely, the countries include in its goals the strong use of criptografia as protection, beyond the incentive to the education in questions of security guard, the availability of technology of the information with support the security, the infrastructure of security management and the availability of monitoramento mechanisms and alert capacity of the possible threats. The current forms of implementation of mechanisms of security in information systems, as the criptografia, that is used as prevention or solution for imperfections in security, in the ample majority of the cases, is notadamente techniques, and tend it are? lo in degree each bigger time, has seen the fact of the presented initiatives if to base on updates and sofisticaes of the technology.