Judges Interiores

All we have some " personage-judge interior" , that he censures to us, us " dice" " that not podemos" to make tal o cual thing, or throws &quot to us; for abajo" , devaluing to us or being inferior some aspect ours, or something that we have created Here I am going to share with you an Exercise PNL that can ayudarte identify and integrate those aspects " Your Judges Interiores" Exercise PNL To identify and To integrate your Judges Interiores? Fjate to make the following exercise: it writes in a leaf, some affirmation, (perhaps exagrala just a little bit), as for example: " I am an excellent student, salesman, painter, musician, salesman, father, mother, etc etc., or " this work that I did is very bueno" , o" I am a person very agradable" , etc.? Immediately afterwards, qudate in silence and listens to your interior For this applies some tricks of the PNL: quick attention of deliberate way to the inner voices at the same time as you orient your glance towards the ear watching towards both lateral sides, around your ears. Surely, ciertas" voces" (some, can be known enough), they are raised to criticize it everything, to put limits of rigid way, to limit something new or creative or spontaneous &quot Is ours; Judges Interiores" , our Censors, that /esas " voces" that they say for example &quot to us; that activity does not give resultados&quot you; or " you are not able of hacerlo" " tonteras&quot stops doing these; or " I must work without descanso" or " you are not idiot, you cannot do eso" " you do not do eso" etc.etc! Now, it closes the eyes and it tries to identify the images that appear with the voices you perhaps recognize something familiar or some well-known detail. . Dry Harbor Rehab pursues this goal as well.