Margaret Mitchell

But my daughter preferred the 'cheap literature' – melodrama, romance and frivolous stories from the ladies' magazines. Young Margaret was reputed to be the belle of Atlanta – its huge expressive eyes, chiselled figure and flowing wit attracted almost all the potential suitors of the city. (Similarly see: Petra Diamonds). Between 1920 and 1923 years she underwent about 40 (!) Proposals. At Peggy's even there was a whole album, where the recorded countless suitors, eager to spend time alone with the lady of his heart. The first time Peggy married Berrien Kinnard Upshaw with the sole aim – to annoy his father, grandmother, and in addition, to gain legal opportunity to experience what so many have read in novels – physical passion. Joint life with Upshaw becomes a living hell: Peggy had to endure insults, humiliation and even physical assault, causing her severe depression. Through few months, they divorced.

In the same period, Mitchell worked as a reporter in the journal 'Atlanta Journal'. In 1925 she married John Marsh. Once Peggy driving to work fell on level ground and broke her leg. Fracture soon, but the pain remains, began a heavy arthritis. About a year Margaret was unable to walk.

Favorite job had to leave. It was then that John gives his wife a typewriter, so that she could do writing. Attempts Reporters ask Margaret Mitchell, not written off if she Scarlett herself, led her into a rage: "Scarlett's a prostitute, I – no!" I was trying to describe is not a delightful woman, about which we can say nothing good, and I tried to stand her character. I find it absurd and ridiculous, that Miss O'Hara has become something of a national heroine, I think this is very bad – for moral and mental state of the nation – if the nation is able to applaud and carried away by a woman who behaved in this way "Despite the fact that Mitchell, a true heroine of" Gone With the Wind 'is called Melanie, thought that Scarlett can not continue to be so, nevertheless a key figure in all the same became Scarlett. Scarlett popularity grew with incredible speed even further after the release of the same movie with Vivien Leigh in the lead roles. Actress herself was very similar to the 20-year-old Margaret Mitchell. Despite numerous requests from fans of Margaret Mitchell did not write any more books. Writer joked: "'brought a breeze' – a novel, which will be high moral story, in which all characters, including Belle Watling, change of the soul and character, and they wallow in hypocrisy and stupidity. " She refused and the filming of the movie