Maria Beneyto

MARiA BENEYTO CUnAT La sagrada familia. The sacred human poverty, is dreaming now that hope is something more than a green name, with branches, birds and leaves. Maria Beneyto. SUPPORTIVE voice Maria Beneyto poet published several books of social poetry and in his poetry, collected in the anthology of Leopoldo de Luis, tells us: with all due respect to the poets who understand the poetry of otherwise – freedom of miras demonstrates granting others the right to speak against, I repeat my opinion that the poet must participate in the concerns and problems of the human community to which it belongs. It is an unavoidable moral duty. Solidarity is a constant throughout his work. Poets of the aforementioned Social poetry anthology include, among others, the poets of postwar Garciasol, Celaya, Cremer, Otero, angela Figuera, Eugenio de Nora and iron; and the poets of the promotion of fifty, Gloria Fuertes, angel Crespo, Carlos Sahagun, Jose Angel Valente, Mary Beneyto, Gil de Biedma, angel Gonzalez, Rafael Morales, Maria Elvira Lacaci and Felix Grande.

The writer and poet Maria Beneyto Cunat was born in Valencia on May 14, 1925. Because the profession of his father, playwright who did not brand new no work, he spends his early years in Madrid. At the beginning of the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco returns to reside in Valencia. Where after a few hard years, a heritage allowed him to devote himself fully to literature. He has more than forty books, among books of poetry, novels and short stories, both in Spanish and Valencian. Throughout his life he has received a large number of awards. A long silence of more than fifteen years he made after their first prizes. Among the numerous awards: Prize city of Valencia in 1953 by multiple creature; second to the Adonais Prize in 1955, by Tierra Viva; City of Barcelona poetry prize, in 1956, by Ratles l air; Prize Calvina Tezaroli of Italy in 1956, by general anthology; Award Ausias March, in 1976, by Vidre sang ferit, the Valencian letters Prize in 1992, critics award of Catalan poetry, in 2003, by Bressoleig to l insomni of wrath and prize Lluis Garner, in 2009, for the whole of his work.