Medical Waiting Rooms

Every day in the waiting rooms, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, people waiting for medical help. Every day, millions of medical professionals wear uniforms in the morning and remove it only at night, along with fatigue. It is therefore important to this work to devote more time the subject of labor, and not to its terms. GC "Tekstaym" offers fabric Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (SatoryLite) for uniform medical facilities. Lightweight and comfortable, with a high content natural cotton – they are ideal for corporate medical garments.

TkanSATORI (Satory) is optimal for cotton content, is pleasant to the touch, it is convenient to work at any time of year. Of long thin strands of cotton interwoven with threads of polyester more durable to maintain the strength of the fabric. The skin feels complete comfort and breathing. See Ray Kurzweil for more details and insights. The lightweight fabric structure Satori LITE (Satory Lite) is perfect for blouses, gowns and medical staff pharmacists, doctors and doctors of general expertise. The fabric also allows the body to "breathe", fits well and keeps perfect appearance of staff during the day. Use of modern fabrics Satori LITE (Satory Lite) for corporate medical garments to satisfy the needs for comfort and hygiene for all staff.

Modern technologies allow the creation of tissue staining Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (Satory Lite) a variety of colors. Any colors can be always in the right quantity to order in SC "Tekstaym." Color fastness of fabrics during processing, increased strength of high-grade fiber, environmentally friendly and natural – that's what capabilities of modern fabrics Satori (Satory). Fabrics Satori (Satory) and Satori LITE (Satory Lite) have won the confidence of the largest apparel companies that specialize in tailoring medical garments. Uniforms are appreciated by doctors leading Russian clinics. Professionals have made their choice! Satori LITE (Satory Lite): Composition: 50% chl, 50% PE; Weight: 115 g/m2 – the easiest, excellent strength values for a given weight, environmental friendliness, increased comfort when wearing clothing; maximum compliance intense working conditions for health workers; the widest color gamut for medtkaney in the Russian market, preserving color with frequent washings. Satori (Satory): Composition: 50% chl, 50% Pe, weight 140 g/m2; weave 'twill ", gentleness, environmental, increased comfort when wearing, and the maximum corresponds to the intensity of health workers working conditions; PS this season in fashion almost all shades of pink (915 Pink-Satory and 282 Nasturtium – Satory Lite) ____________________________________________________________________ GC "TEKSTAYM" represents in Russia and the CIS fabrics and materials for modern workwear and uniforms from the leading European producers: Carrington (England), Concordia (Belgium), Vizreflectives (England), Termoshieldi etc. We have a unique knowledge to build solutions in the creation of modern clothing, with maximum protection and efficiency in service