Mobile Phones and Computers

After buying a mobile phone there is a common question – how to connect it to your computer to download to your phone sound files and images, texts and other things, and if the phone has a photo-camera, then store and view the pictures and video look better on your computer. Modern phones can connect at least two ways, and at best, a number of ways to increase to five. Consider the most widespread and high-speed way-DATA-cable, which conscientious producers with the phone. In addition to data cables needed and a cd with drivers and special software that helps synchronize your phone with the pc. Connect the cable to the appropriate port on your computer (in the current model, port usb, in the older-COM-port), install the driver and special program from the disk. Each manufacturer provides its own program manager for the synchronization, editing, sound files and images, internet connection, using the phone as a modem.

But there is a universal program, which suited to the majority of known phones. This program is the Float Mobile Agent. If you've followed all of the above instructions, the computer will "see" the phone, and the program gives you the opportunity to manage files on your phone. If not, then the most likely reason for the driver to data cable and mobile phone. To eliminate this cause, you must reinstall the driver, and if it did not help, try to find updated drivers for developer's site or go to the forum fans cell phones, if this problem occurred, the decision she had already found.