Moraes Relations

In agreement it ate thought is verified that the society was not considered in the analysis, suaestrutura, but the responsibility of the individual and in its instintivahumana trend of destruction. Loureiro (2008) affirmed that on this question that never is redundant the radical reaction interveno human being, time that exists in the nature ecosystems that dainterao of the alive forms with abiticos elements resulted (not livings creature) and that the espciehumana while to exist on the land it will act on them. For this author quedeve to move is societrio standard e, consequentemente the vision of world that setem and the type of there inserted social relations and production. Essaabordagem strengthens the idea of changes of the society in regards to perspectivasda if to face the reality in its diverse contexts as well as relaesadvindas of these forms to see the world. Numaperspectiva of geographic analysis Claval (2004) in the quarrel on inserodas society in the nature made the following commentary: the nature preexisted aosgrupos human beings, these is inserted in a way. From then on it agreed to oquestionamento carried through for the researchers to this respect that consisted to emsaber as to make to extract of the environment in which if they had established, destined osprodutos to assure its subsistence and to allow to generation apsgerao the reproduction of the members? The approach is global a time that considers umconjunto of ways that integrate the nature, on the other hand, and the society poroutro. Such boarding basically focuses the relations that are estabelecidasentre the human groups and the ecosystems of the spaces where they live. Therefore, combase in the principles argued for Bookchin (1988) Moraes (1997) Claval (2004), Loureiro (2008), in which approaches guided for aspects of degradation of the nature for the society had exercised perspective of boardings semelhantescom; changes in relations of the society with the nature; finally efetivaodessas relations in terms of social dosprocessos reciprocity was evidenced the influence in the nature that stops Soy (1988) this relation must sercompreendida as constituent of a socioespacial dialectic.