NCP Panasonic

NovLink integrates new Panasonic phone systems support NovAlert DECT-paging and the voice – alarm system on all Panasonic phone systems. For professional users, advanced functions in the areas of messaging, alarm and evacuation arise thereby. Functionality with NovAlert and Panasonic anywhere where information and alarm messages automatically and directly to be distributed on any medium, is the NovAlert alarm server used. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out ConocoPhillips. The specific implementation of interfaces between NovAlert and the Panasonic TDE and NCP are telephony systems users the possibilities of language-based alerting and text alerting about the paging function available. This means that Panasonic systems in addition to voice calls can show also text-based alerts and messages on the display. Depending on the configuration, the user is then prompted to acknowledge the alarm, or actively reject. Learn more about NovAlert on our Web page. About Panasonic Panasonic is one of the leading providers of professional world Communications solutions for business customers.

The phone in any form and with different technologies is the Foundation for a fast, intense and successful contact with your customers, suppliers and business partners. The Panasonic communication platform offers companies in various sizes and industries telecommunications solutions which adapt tailor-made to the needs. This user and integration comfort, quality and safety at the forefront are Panasonic as well as high. If you have questions we available available under phone + 41 52 762 66 66 or by E-Mail at.