Netbook for business or entertainment? When there were only the first netbooks, many immediately dubbed them "the second computer in the house" or "laptop for business trips." Netbook positioned as an inexpensive laptop for mobile people. But the development of online social networks has made some changes and now the notebook is more often used for communication in such networks. Experience has shown that many users do not need absolutely enormous opportunities of desktop computers and laptops, just enough to know how to turn the unit on and go on the Internet this netbook is easy to handle. With each passing day the number of users grows. What is a netbooks such does not exist in other devices? Weight and compactness, that is what distinguishes notebooks from all other devices.

You can easily carry it with you and not feel discomfort. Low power consumption, as a consequence of long battery life without recharging. Fast loading, netbooks quickly loads the operating system, especially if it's factory os with the necessary settings, some models are loaded within 15 seconds. Solid State Drive (SSD). Consumes less power than conventional hard drives. In this case, it is resistant to shock, vibration and protects data. Likely SSDs will be used in all devices, but they are massively only in netbooks.

Unique design, no laptop does not look as netbook, well whatever one may say netbook stylish thing, and this is probably its main feature. Major manufacturers represented in our market netbooks. First person presented a wonderful device that was asus, and they detain the palm so far.