North Euros

The plaza can also view the clock tower, used for the famous flight of the angel of the Carnival of Venice, one of the essential events of the city. This tower the SXVI built in the North of the square, in addition to the time mark the phases of the Moon and Zodiac by allowing to the sailors know the State of the tides. The Ducal Palace was the Center where in the sixteenth Council of ten met what can be considered the first espionage system. In cells that are locked up prisoners, indicted on occasions by anonymous complaints can be visited. From inside, you can see the bridge of Sighs, one of the best-known of Venice. This despite relate to loving themes owes its name to the sigh that prisoners were to change from a jail to another. In a city so special and so tourist everything is excessively expensive why, you should book before in any of the hostels in Venice.

Unlike other cities it is difficult to find accommodation cheaper and in the Center, but there are some hostels that have all the comforts and which are well communicated with vaporetto between 20 and 30 euros the night. Of course, during the Carnival should book in with time since the price could increased. On the other hand, wants to save some money on the trip to Venice if very well choose restaurants, since in some tourist sites such as the Plaza de San Marcos cafes only a coffee can cost between 6 and 8 euros. In addition, in most restaurants charge 12% more service, so you must be well fixed to the decision. As alternatives to delve a little more into the most Venetian area as the District of Castello, and try to find or Italian caps that are economic or tramezzino which are a kind of sandwiches that cost 1.50 euros and that are of considerable size.