Philosophy of Optimization

In addition to reducing waste, SPC may have the effect of reducing the time required to produce the product or service. This is partly due to the probability of that the final product has to be reworked is smaller, but it can also occur when using SPC, identify bottlenecks, and other stops in the process waits. Cycle time reductions related to process improvements in profitability have made SPC a valuable tool from the viewpoint of cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Management definitely identified with production executives. which represents the knowledge to handle and identify with statistical control.

The SPC is a philosophy of optimization refers to continuous process improvements, using a collection of tools (statistics) for data and analysis or process or making inferences about process behavior or decision making process is a component statistical dominance of total quality initiatives. The importance of statistical process control to total quality is crucial, because as far as to take effective control of the processes, which are achieved minimize operating costs, raw material waste and defective products are reaching optimal levels of benefits, productivity and product quality can, respectively, than in groups lead to a competitive organization quite acceptable. Management knows that by making use of statistical control has several tools commonly used in the statistical process or flowcharts or that include performance graphs and analysis or Pareto Chart or cause-effect diagrams and frequency histograms and control charts or studies the ability to process or acceptance sampling plans or diagrams of dispersion Each tool is simple to implement it, providing data that benefit in the behavior of the functions performed and provide information in support of sound decision making. They are generally used to complement, rather than independent techniques are used as creation of standards "ISO" who base their evaluation from the point Operationally, in statistical process control, allowed measuring the quality of the company and certified according to compliance with the specifications and requirements set by that organization, companies such as Goodyear, Ford, Chrysler, etc, are organizations certified as companies "ISO-9000", which shows that the specifications of their production processes meet the high quality requirements which of course is evident in the position to have their products on the market. You can not fail to mention that the statistical process control has a clear vision of what happens during the development of products, both with the machinery, raw materials and quality workmanship that they operate, what allows not only to measure the quality of process and products, but also to know, evaluate and control this important area of the productive sector of a company.