Photovoltaic Systems

Why you should build on photovoltaics, it pays from its own and is environmentally friendly renewable energies – photovoltaic square 1 to provide a stable base load protection, must they be expanded but still significantly. Finally, at least the German nuclear power plants in the long run from the mains should be included this failure on energy producers may never be taken by coal-fired power plants. Photovoltaics is therefore not without reason a worthwhile investment in their own financial future and the future of our energy supply. Grundsatzlichster and the most important reason for the good position of photovoltaic systems within the renewable energy is its decentralised structure. Of course, you can win solar power in large solar parks. As well as wind farms have this central space-devouring plants but many disadvantages.

Suitable areas are rare in Germany, the yield of generated power is profitable due to the high investment costs only after many years. The decentralized and completed is far better sense Installation of solar power modules for private and commercial use: existing areas such as home and Hall roofs are equipped with solar power modules. There won power can be used for one himself. Feeding into the local grid is economically meaningful. In this way, the current is also other homes available and the operators of the photovoltaic system receives a state-regulated premium for the produced electricity. In contrast to the current that it refers to is the Fed power significantly more valuable: well twice, to be exact. The renewable energy law foresees a contractual setting of the purchase price for twenty years with full utilization of tax deposition ways a photovoltaic system has amortized but long before. Everything they produced after that date to current, flows directly into the coffers of the owner, making it the ideal protection in the age and disease.