Relationship Management: The / The Lover

In many novel / movies is this subject treated, but what is the situation? Who has not ever had a book in his hand, or seen a movie in which appears this description of the situation / fate. How do the women / men with your situation? Which possibilities? Smiling and happy is her / him in bed and thinks back on the wonderful evening with him / her. It was romantic, very sensual, mysterious, and almost perfect. Yes, almost if he she / he now would lie next to her / him. Melancholy is fast from the smile. Common sleep, who spend a night together and wake up the next morning may not be, because he or she is married. Questions about questions push now in consciousness: “I can’t trust him / her? Will he vote for me? There will be the so often target common future or just a temporary togetherness? How long will it take? Years or just months?” This type of relationship may take even longer? Repeatedly promises she / he, that the decision will be soon after happiness together? Already every second in Europe has committed a fling research result. In many cases was from the page jump then / -beloved / r over a longer period of time.

The condition of the existence of shadow, secret love and tenderness and loneliness on holidays and weekends, this is the fate of many men and women. No matter, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Rusty holzer addresses the importance of the matter here. Women / men in the middle years, looking for younger women / men’s attractiveness and confirmation. The lover / the lover: Adventure and charm at the same time “.” There is but also the situations where the / partners /-in fact leaves the family / the binding to legalize the new relationship. But how much is this percentage? An exception possible ten secret relationships? Then considering the situation of the beloved is understandable, what are these people on renunciation and suffering, to the few moments of “stolen” happiness to learn. “Many remain in this situation for years in the hope that the tied partner the courage to the promised step of confession” takes to the new partner. In anticipation of this moment to relive many affected different feeling moments are perhaps already in this constellation “trapped”.

May the closer relatives of the lover / the lover, the few close friends of this secret love affair, do not even know because there is a danger that the tied partner /-triggers in otherwise the connection. A conversation that could be a valve and peers with another shadow women/women would be a way here, “once some of the soul to talk” or to find even new perspectives. In addition to existing helplines, also Beziehungscoaching support in this situation. “In the form of an online / Telefoncoachings, that also anonymously possible, is a first step, to talk and to shape the future today / to see”.