Strong Immune System

Colostrum is a food from cow colostrum and can effectively support the immune system. Colostrum strengthens overvoltage conditions more frequent tiredness, Nervenanspannungen, disc wear, decreasing physical strength, and helps with weight loss. By colostrum can regain the body back to full performance, the bowel better fulfill his work as the most important energy centre of the body and power make the nerves. In Indian history, there are traditions about the good effects of colostrum. Frescoes in temples one finds representations of sacred cows.

The good effect is known already more than 1000 years. Already in 1799, the well-known German physician Dr. Christoph W. Hufeland, the personal physician of Goethe and Schiller, pointing out the protective function of colostrum. Many farmers to embrace this effect themselves and occupy even colostrum. The man can utilize well the colostrum of cows.

So will no longer need the calf to supplement processed. Colostrum can Body support at: regulation of blood glucose levels in combating allergies detoxification and Detox fat burning within the framework of a diet of faster wound healing of skin regeneration for aged or injured muscles and muscle in athletes stimulation of bone and cartilage growth in osteoporosis renewal of intestinal mucosal pain and infection reduce the Special on colostrum of good ‘N natural: it is with 650 mg. higher doses than most other products on the market and thus particularly effective. It contains the best colostrum quality available on the market. It offers a unique price performance ratio the used raw materials undergo stringent quality checks. “Colostrum” can immediately at be ordered online under:… Detailed information and order at or call 00800-872 456 22 (free from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) please send press inquiries: