System Administrators

What system administrators as IT project manager should be aware system administrators to manage the computer systems of companies and organizations on the basis of comprehensive access rights. In its function as a network administrator, the system administration for the planning, installation, configuration, and maintenance of the entire infrastructure is responsible. Thus, system administrators have a crucial role in ensuring a proper flow of business processes. About their IT technical tasks, the system administration in the IT project management takes over the initiation, planning and control, and the project control. The requirements for a system administrator IT projects present particular challenges for system administrators, characterized by uniqueness, novelty and complexity as well as its temporary character and a project-specific organization, where a part of time, financial and human resources to comply. Prior to the project, the project objectives must be clearly defined: more than 70% of all IT projects in Companies take an unexpected course due to unclear objectives or fail. The project targets to therefor in writing must be specific enough, measurable in the sense of a successful accountability, realistic, and with a start and end date. It is task of system administration as a project management, to obtain early necessary clarifications at the project contracting authority concerning target confusion.

IT projects take place outside of the usual routine processes and require a continuous careful coordination between the members of the project team. Therefore a high level of communication skills and organizational talent is required by a system administrator as a project manager. In complex IT projects, the system administrator is often supported by IT-project management software. Only with an optimal project organization can be adhered to the set conditions and avoid friction losses. By project stakeholders (E.g. in the form of information meetings) should regularly incorporated in IT projects, to given upcoming changes to counteract easily emerging resistances.