System Properties

With this tip, you can speed up your pc who would have his computer does not like something faster? They know that when buying the PCs it is really fast. Unfortunately, that changed in the course of time. He is getting slower and slower. Already after a few months, he is almost exactly as slow as the old computer, but that doesn’t have to be. With the right tricks you can Tickle Elf from the slowest computer a lot out s. Even for those whose PC is already fast, these tricks might even slightly faster make him.

After all, it can be much better work if the computer quickly responding. Or not 2 x a man drinking coffee until Windows has finished booting up finally. So it was me always. Also for the gamers, the PC can be really never fast enough. With the appropriate tricks a few frames more, by a not so busy processor, should be always there. One of the most effective ways to be here to make Windows faster. You must know that the Windows XP version, the animations and graphics of the Windows interface have a very large base-load. This means that the processor, the memory and the video card in Windows already partly utilized.

And even though at all, no program or game is running. Who do without the graphical effects in his Windows, for which there is the possibility of the base-load you is caused by Windows to screw down. Going for it on the desktop. Make a right click on the workplace and the point properties ‘selects. If you have done everything correctly the System Properties window opens “.” Click on the tab advanced “.” There are many settings, but not interested in us in the majority. “Performance just go to the settings. It will open another window, the performance options are “.” Here can be set exactly which graphics effects in Windows will be used. Anyone can make your own settings. The chopping before the description can do this on or off are clicked. Who would have the highest performance Clicking on the match point for optimal performance”. As a result, all the effects are switched off. Windows is so much less memory, the processor has to do less, and the graphics card is as good as no longer required. The settings can be undone too easily. Just back in the performance options “and there click on the hack as desired. With this trick Windows should work a lot faster. If you want to speed up your Windows PC, we have deployed many more free tricks on our website. There is a matching video that shows you step by step how you go out to any instructions. Click here to go to the tricks of Marc Mayer