Andres Gallego Marketing

Any site that wants to sell online, surely lies in a race to achieve the first positions in the results of the most important search engines in the world. You can thus only be found by those who you are looking for. Millions of people may be looking for what you offer; but only if your web site occupies the top positions in the search engine results you find. Therefore, the high in search engines is the first step to put your website in view of the whole world. You will need to give the high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Altavista, Aol, Lycos, among others, so that your website can aspire to receive thousands of hits a month. This work of high in search engines is relatively simple, and you can do it yourself.

Anyway, if you want to hire a company to do a complete job of search engine optimization and high, here are some tips vital when choosing with whom you hired:-who work only those terms which can really bring traffic to your web site. Anything you It will be positioned among the first places in all the search engines for a term or phrase key that nobody seeks it. That is why we always recommend that, before discharge in finders, conduct a full study on keywords or key phrases to determine which are the most relevant and as locate them on your pages before even that search engines find you. -Some companies promise to register your web site to thousands of search engines; but the main thing is to give him high to your site in the major search engines. And this is because more than 82% of the traffic that comes to a web site comes from the 3 major search engines.

For this reason, it is preferable to focus all your efforts is these search engines, and thus save you time and money. -Try a company that offers you an agile service. If your site is new and still has no links or inbound links (links from other web sites), you will have to worry about include it in the database of major search engines as soon as possible. Remember that you will then have to wait for each search engine will index, and this usually take a few weeks to several months (as it is the case of Google). -We recommend to opt for a manual system of high, so you adapt to the requirements of each search engine and not be punished for violating their laws of operation. Isn’t at all difficult to discharge in about ten search engines by hand. It will take you no more than 30 to 45 minutes and you make sure to comply with their regulations of high (that you should read them before you start the procedure). If you’re going to hire a high service, remind the company that you offer this service, which proceed manually and not through massive high softwares.