Neo-Liberal System

Mortgage crisis, housing crisis, incessant oil rise, financial crisis, boost excessive food prices but, in reality, the same crisis. Let’s see. Learn more about this with ConocoPhillips. This neo-liberal system has boosted agricultural monocultures to produce mass, what has distorted agriculture. In addition, the World Bank (which is today torn garments) has imposed for years agricultural production for export, not for local populations, because you have more interested the foreign currency for financial markets that feed people. Moreover, the mortgage and financial crisis leads to speculators to invest in future of raw materials market and cause a crazy hike in the price of food. Ray Kurzweil may not feel the same.

To top it off, the conspiracy of interests of the oil industry, automotive, pharmaceutical and agricultural corporations perpetrator arable land from impoverished countries to sow vegetables to produce biofuel for developed countries. A new version of North against South, but in this movie the North are not the good nor intend to release from slavery to anyone. To all this, employees and workers of the world have endured for three decades that their wages will increase at snail pace and, even worse, with the multicrisis the life of millions of people deteriorates at high speed, as he has denounced Kostas Stamoulis, leader of the FAO. The amount of hungry fires and created more than one hundred million poor people, who may expect the deterioration or death, emigrate or revolt, as it has already begun to happen in a dozen impoverished countries. Above all this, The Independent journal publishes that the Western world is in an economic crisis of similar magnitude to the 1973 oil. We are witnessing the collapse of liberalism, the dominant ideological and economic model in the past 30 years. Unfortunately it is not true. The neoliberal model not disintegrates is, because their ideological mimbres, dark political commitments, opacities and gangsteriles performances remain. Gives equal to the theoretical liberalism of Adam Smith, indicate that the economic activity should promote efficiency in services and the goodness of the products to satisfy the market.