First Centenary

Bilbao will host the performance of one of the best works of Jesus Guridi, Mirentxu, from 19 to 26 June at the Arriaga theatre to celebrate its centenary. Fans to the theater that are housed in a hotel in Bilbao this summer may be a whim, since in the month of June the Centennial play Mirentxu will return to the scenarios. The Basque Symphony Orchestra will be be responsible for playing the music in this classic tale, while Maria Bayo will be responsible for directing the choir belonging to Bilbao’s Choral Society, an organization that participated in the promotion of the original part. Mirentxu premiered at the theatre Champs Elysees in the Bilbao City on May 31, 1910, however, for this occasion the theater that has been chosen is the Arriaga day 19, 22, 24 and June 26, in which all performances will begin at 20 hours. The piece of art was described by the local as the Basque lyrical romance in two acts, with the original writer Jesus Guridi praised for using folk influences in the region. Guridi was born in Vitoria and in Bilbao, Paris, Cologne and Liege. It is one of the most celebrated authors of Spain for his compositions, which are influenced by music of Chamber, opera, zarzuela and religious pieces. The price of tickets for this concert vary between 7.20 and 38. On the other hand, another action that might like to see in the Teatro Arriaga is Babiloniako Ioreak, which is an experimental theater piece. For more information about this event see the official website or contact them at the (34) 94 41 63 533. If you are thinking about going to enjoy this obra teatral Centennial, not twice, and if you need a hotel in Bilbao, book as soon as possible to avoid problems.