Territory Selected

When notice to produce, you need to obtain permission from those who produce nothing; When to check that the money flows toward those who trafficked goods, not favors; When perceived that many rich are made by bribery and influences rather than work, and that laws do not protect against them, but, on the contrary they are those that are protected against you; When repaired that corruption is rewarded and honesty becomes a self-sacrifice, then you can say, without fear of being wrong, that your society is doomed. Ayn Randa (1950) touches all play us in the territory that we have selected to implement our knowledge, abilities and skills, but also to learn, to grow. By our own will, we choose the territory, place, where we want to develop ourselves, for example, carrying out our duties. Once we do must be careful how you should behave so our role to be effective, win, get those results that we favour. Determine if we are really in the territory adequate to the objectives goals we want to achieve. In an interesting writing on this subject, we brings Charles Givens, the power of oneself, which is not news that often, one is obliged to act in accordance with rules made by others. Consider that we have spent and will spend still much of our lives playing on foreign territory in conditions that often produce frustration and tensions. To reach our dreams and goals, we must learn to work and operate effectively in these conditions.

This indicates that we must be very awake while we remain in territory where we operate. We are reminded, that in some territories it is easy to operate, especially when the rules, values and the environment are similar to those who would have chosen one same. However, more often we will be serving us in undesirable conditions, which we had not chosen.