Internet marketing is a spectacular way to market the products and have an automatic system for sale of products or services; You can become much more economical than a business in the physical world but must take all precautions and don’t skimp on expenses so much economic as of time, to achieve that this will become successful. Many people who start their business on the internet for sale of products or services, are not aware of the errors that you can commit and carried a penalty from search engines; in this case, the most widely used is google. Exploring the Web is people, who after months of hard work to position their pages on google, found with the painful reality that their pages have disappeared and not find them nowhere. Many seek in forums and make it possible to know what has happened to their websites, but in many cases found no solution. Most would like google to inform them that they were penalized and explain the reasons why this happened; without However, it will not happen.

Therefore, and especially for the novice web master, this is a real torture. For this reason, and to avoid these problems, when it goes to start a business online and, if you want to be at the top of google, you have to do is enter the google homepage and investigate all possible errors that lead to a penalty. Between on and on the top right press access; then create an account and enter web master tools; then spend a good time to read everything I can. Explore the tools and all the other things that are of interest. To do this, can avoid losses of time and perhaps a search engine penalty.