Take Advantage

Did you know that you can treat all dimensions of your life just educating your mind? Did many times you you say, I would like to do such a thing. (buy me a House, go to live in the country, work only on what I like, go on vacation to) for then, as in a sad monologue answer but it is, I have no money or me is impossible to go to live in the country because I have here many obligations or if, is very romantic to work only on what you like but you have to eatpay receipts, etc or as I will go on vacation if I’m so fair for most current expenses. If you look carefully at the monologue that you hold yourself, your thoughts schema is done as in the tale of Juan Palomo I me him stew, I like it as. But what of truth in all this? Could you control these negative thoughts a little and think only what you really want? Because if you’re not willing to go to live in the country, for what you say? To feel frustrated? Do so to understand that you’re a loser and you’re never gonna get nothing of you want it? It would that you think only what you really want not best? The first thing we will do is analyze our beliefs. Tell you what you are going to get with it. Beliefs are greater brake we can have at the idea of making a change in our life, and this implicitly entails that we will be anchored in the past without giving permission to ourselves in order to fly and do what you really want. We will analyze some beliefs more currents that go through our head, and we’ll see whether or not they are logical. Of course we must ask if they are true because then we will reply that if, we already know that they are true, but only and exclusively for us.