Technical Support

Although you will not guarantee security of information and performance hosting, advanced servers are fairly reliable and fatal breakdowns are rare. More often you'll need to solve small current issues related to the site, but technical support may be a very one-track (if any). The service is a web hosting is typically provided along with free templates, website designer and third-level domain (ie, with all that is somehow necessary for the work site). Despite its flaws, this service makes it easy to try yourself as a site owner and if necessary go further toll on quality services. (After all, 'free' sites with the right approach profitable business – they also need to do 🙂 I have nothing against Yukoza or, but the availability of sites generates a viral epidemic clones with repetitive stolen information schemes 'pyramids', multi-level (network) marketing (MLM), promising and malodayuschih systems online earnings, e-mail-business and other spam.

(Apparently, to develop immunity to this information collection to recover 🙂 At best established and untwist sites for the creation, advancement and promotion of other sites. I hope you are not one of them and you really have something to tell the world. Technical Support For sure, many wondered: how much should be a good site? For me – so in general it's free! That is, the site itself has no value, and many others are variants can be found on the Internet. When the mass replication of the cost of product development tends to zero. By there is the principle of free open source software (English open source).