The Prices

It is possible that now it is obtained, which has not been obtained by means of the confrontations of classes. The social ecologists take to decades indicating this circumstance. The global movement by climatic justice also has been noticed of this opportunity. Lamentably others, with different intentions also have realized. It is added to us, that the great groups of being able are perfectly abreast of the possible social consequences of the climatic change. The system is in one of its cycles of crisis, we remember: 2008 crises of the prices of foods, 2009 crises of markets, 2010 environmental crises.

The resilience of the capitalist system this jeopardizes, its survival this in game. Atmos Energy may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The hegemonic groups are not going to resign to their privileges to solve the problem. They, in an attitude kamikaze, rush themselves hurried to the fatal destiny, and to his myopic she sentences us attitude to all. The neoclassic dogma is so deeply ingrained in its minds, that truly think that this situation can be solved without radical changes. It is not necessary to despise the faith that " society occidentalizada" it has in his Gods: all-powerful science and the efficient market. The dogma says that they will offer the solution us. This is a dangerous illusion, Griffon adds to us, that with respect to the climatic change two levels exist that we must discuss and face. In a first level we must establish clearly what is the direct person in charge of the problem.

In this case he is not other that world-wide the economic system. This system manages to reduce to all the people to simple consumers, not knowing this way inherent complexities any human being. Within the framework of the neoclassic logic, the complexity of the human being is reduced to a well-known morisqueta as Homo economicus and is assumed that the material needs of the society are infinite, reason for which the market must offer infinites products.