The Same

Considering the injury level, and time of aptitude in the task, we can say that probably the pupils would be inside of the waited one in view of the three domnios cited for Magill (1989), and related as phases for acquisition of the human knowledge. Another factor that can have influenced in this result, was to the landmark of the space for the accomplishment of the task, a time that is common in analyzes of the data perceives pupils worried in carrying through in agreement movement the drawing in the soil, if forgetting to observe I stimulate it appearance supplied for the environment and proceeding from specific movements of the task. proceeding from specific movements of the task. In the evaluation of the data of one another movement, cocorinha reached resulted above of the initial levels of the learning. We can say that this movement of the capoeira is related to the esquiva, also being able to be to relate with basic the motor ability to deviate or to lower (GALLAHUE; OZMUN, 2001), from there perhaps the indication for results above average. In this ability it specifies of the capoeira, a pupil did not carry through the movement the same, coinciding with that it did not carry through ginga, two pupils had presented initial levels in the learning of movement, three pupils had presented elements that indicate learning and assimilation above of the period of training verbal-engine (MAGILL, 1989) of the learning, and two pupils had reached in the average evaluations above of the waited one, coinciding with the same one that they had been classified as advanced in the task ginga (Graphical 2). We can consider that these numbers reached in the evaluation if give probably for the fact of the ability to lower to be present in the daily one of these pupils, introduced for other forms of stimulatons happened of the environment, without needing to be specify of the modality.