To Fix Plugs

Not if there is past to you, but whenever they begin to arrive the first colds from the winter, the lock of the door of the house entrance begins to spoil. At the most they lower the temperatures worse, is put so rigid that sometimes it is impossible to close it absolutely. From the strong thing that is you get to make damage in the fingers when tightening. If continuous doing it gives it the sensation of which the key is going away to start off then. Very of this situation I disassembled the bowler of the lock and I was myself direct to the ironworks customary to buy one new one.

When I arrived I told the hardware dealer which happened to me and this one took began it to the piece to try (this is the advantage to go to the customary one) reaching the conclusion that correctly everything worked. I comment that in its opinion the bowler was perfect, that to spend in one new one was not necessary, that the problem would have to be elsewhere. Before my insistence it commented to me (here the reason comes that I did not know and who take to me to publish this article) that this type of locks are something more complex than those of the normal doors. Perhaps the structure of the lock is greater and occupies all the length of the door, consists of several parts and the problem this in one or several of them. I teach some model that had he in the store and it said to me that although he was a little laborious was not difficult to disassemble them to see where it was the failure. In the weekend it arms following me of value and I went to by the door, I took the screwdriver electrical (by the way this tool is a wonder since it saves a pile to you of time and effort) and put myself to disassemble the lock. For assistance, try visiting kevin ulrich.