Underground Settlements

One of the problems facing mankind is the heating of residential and industrial premises in cases where they are located in cold climates. At this stage of our civilization, there are certain technical solutions to this problem. So in particular for heating is widely used water heated by burning hydrocarbons (gas, coal, wood) or obtained from the plant. It is used as heating electric heaters that lack of cheap sources of electric power is uneconomical. The same problems exist in a hot climate (cool rooms). The high cost of heating due to large losses of heat.

We can say that by using high-quality thermal insulation, we will reduce heat loss. For example, not everyone knows that heat is an electromagnetic wave infrared band and passes freely through the glass windows on both sides. So way, may be promising to give up windows in the building. The disadvantage of this solution is that the windows were also used to illuminate the premises during daylight hours. It should be noted that the time of the day was an important characteristic, when mankind was on the agrarian (agricultural) level of development. Today, at the stage of industrial development and the information level rhythm of life has changed.

Life of the city clock. World news bulletins are also coming round the clock. While on one side of the planet’s night falls, on the other – people eat breakfast and go to work. This is facilitated by the uniform settlement people across the planet. More than that, working time and rest time a person is no longer determined by the time of day. So light and humanity is required around the clock. Window function as illumination by only 50%, if not cover areas of the Arctic Circle. A promising technical solution is the construction of settlements (cities) with all the infrastructure is not on the surface of the planet, and in depth, that is underground. Note that the methods of creating free for the life of the spaces may be different. What difficulties have to do this? The lack of air, lighting, water supply. The air in the first stage is pumped to the surface of the planet, and the second step the closed system of purification and enrichment of the atmosphere with the use of botanical gardens. Lighting problem is solved by nuclear power generators or gravity (see the article “The dream of perpetual motor”). Pure Fresh water is delivered from an artesian (deep) sources. What are the advantages of underground settlements? First of all, it’s closed autonomous settlements, independent of environmental conditions. At a certain depth temperature constant and optimum for human life (22 .. 27 C), which does not affect the temperature of the planet’s surface. It is possible to find empirically a depth at which do not have to put the cooling installation. Of course, the problem of heating is eliminated. Even in the case of extinction of the sun, we will have their own sources of energy. Underground settlements are more protected from the fall of meteorites in comparison with the ground. Communication between cities can be like a tunnel, and with the help of aircraft. Extraction of minerals is the accompanying process. Naturally, the settlement should be established in geologically stable areas of the planet, although this issue is not unique. This technology settlements, development and tested on Earth, can be used for exploration of other planets, their settlement.