A pair of decorative objects as two statues and vases are not harmful, but must always have in mind that there are other more suitable objects: dialogs are one of them, since the wall instead of the scarce available surface space is used. Mirrors are the great trick of the magician, because they not only serve to amplify the light, but also to multiply the spaces. The Hall of mirrors of the Palace of Versailles is a great example: mirrors, play at the Windows that are in front of them turning themselves into Windows overlooking the garden of the Palace. (For fans of mirrors, also exist today, mirrored furniture). Many times it is inevitable to associate fashion and design with frivolity, especially by some decorators that we see on TV that use words as fantastic or fabulous gorgeous repeatedly.

Anyway must understand that interior design can be seen as a means to achieve inner peace: zen fashion and feng shui give account of the faith in the design to achieve mental States. Without being extremist and say that interior design will solve all our problems (including the mental), if we are to recognize, along with naturalist writers, that the environment influences the individual. As we are already pretty influenced and conditioned by society, family, education, the mass media and in the end, where space-time in which we insert (remembering that we are born in a system and an order of things that is imposed on us and it is very difficult to change), the only place where we can choose what to do and how to do it with complete freedom is in our homes, our inviolable private and intimate spaces. Original author and source of the article