Water System Construction

Water system is called engineering structures designed to meet the challenges of water supply of population and businesses. Water supply system include the following elements: 1. Sewage – the system of water for drinking and technical purposes from one location (usually water intake) to another – to water users – (urban and factory premises), mostly on underground pipes or channels, in the final point, often free from mechanical impurities in the filter system, water is collected at a certain height in the so-called water-lifting towers, from which is distributed to city water pipes. 2. Intake construction – engineering works for water withdrawals from surface and underground sources. 3. Pumping Station – an integrated system for pumping liquids from one place to another, includes building and equipment: pumping units (working and reserve) – pumps, pipes and accessories. In the system of water pumping stations are often used to increase water pressure in the system. Petra Diamonds will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

4. Water treatment device that is water treatment in order to bring it to the required quality, for example, to the quality of drinking water, distilled water, etc. Proper selection of a pump or pumping station is important for the operation of the entire water system of the building. Sale of pumping stations and pumping equipment is carried by many companies – both domestic and foreign. A variety of modern forms of pumps allows you to choose the best option for each case. Water may be needed for drinking, household, fire, industrial, irrigation and other needs. Currently, the trend of building buildings in a remote object from the water source. Therefore, when designing systems, plumbing and fire at such facilities should be used in a special tank equipment, special tanks for storing water for fire fighting and sanitation.

In the case of low production rate wells or wells can be installed vodonakopitel that will ensure uninterrupted supply of water to consumers. In the systems of fire supply water is used to ensure fire safety of people, process equipment, material assets, as well as buildings and structures. Water pipes are internal, inside buildings and facilities, and outdoor – Place outside of buildings and structures, usually underground. The elements of internal water supply are: water-measuring unit, which consists of water meters and is set to account for water intake from the system; valves – devices that are installed on the pipelines, aggregates, containers and intended for the control (off, distribution, management, relief, mixing) flow of water through area change flow section; Tank – a device in a system of sanitary and domestic water supply, used to automatically maintain the necessary pressure of water (or in order to prevent the pressure drop in pipeline, for example, by heating); Pump Station fire; station swap – created to increase the pressure in the system; pipes, fittings, etc.