Werler Systemhaus

AHD creates new digital film archive for the ‘Linden Street’ of the first Christmas Carol concert in the family Bagchi up to the most recent strokes of fate in Germany’s most popular TV-mile: over 1250 episodes with a total of 37.700 minutes Linden Street has the geissendorfer film and television production (gff) since the first broadcast produced in 1985. Eliot Horowitz describes an additional similar source. The Cologne media company the internal film archive with a high-tech solution has now backed up and made fit for the future with new capacities. The Werler Systemhaus of Hellweg-data GmbH & co. KG (ahd) has fundamentally modernised the Cologne production company through a combined virtualization and out server landscape and created flexibly expandable storage for the archiving and digital management of the popular series of ARD. The entire footage, production images and video clips of the gff will for some years exclusively digitally created and managed via a centralized IT infrastructure at the company location in Cologne, as well the IT jobs the Staff. Especially the film archive band enormous resources, as Dirk Hegner, CIO which Galvez, reported: the majority of the episodes is digitally captured and binds multiple terabytes of data. And every week new footage, photos and online clips are added. ” By the constantly growing volume of productions, the existing storage capacity pushed to their limits. For the development of the story arcs in the series, the digital archive plays a central role as Dirk Hegner explained: to represent the stories of individual characters plausible, our authors must research permanently in their past. Content false correlations would notice immediately our master visionaries.” Now plenty of room for many more episodes of Linden Street offers the new infrastructure”: based on a virtualized server environment in conjunction with a flexible expandable storage solution. A backup strategy for the connected storage, which corresponds exactly to the requirements of the gff developed ahd to back up the data: “Through the integrated snapshot technology, which allows extremely short backup intervals, completely fulfilled this out and all the safety requirements set by us”, so Dirk Hegner.