Windows Vista

For people who always want a little more speed on your computer here I bring a simple trick, unfortunately only works with operating systems Windows Vista and Windows Seven and not for XP, because when XP came still existed computers with many cores to processors but anyway here won’t you. We oppressed the keys home and R at the same time or we are not going to start, all programs, accessories and run, two forms of t opens it only with the key command is more fast ( _ ) good since we have open this window type msconfig and us will open a window where we have to go to the tab start and give click to the button advanced options and is open one last window, activate the checkbox where it says number of processors and amount of memory maximum, go to the depslegable menu and choose the number greater (more of 1 only if in your case the processor has 2 or more nuclei) in the same way in memory to select all, den OK and show them one window that says something envelope restartI recommend them to do so. What we have just done is to activate our processor at the maximum, as one who says two heads think better that an and each core is as if it were an extra brain, processors that have dual core or 2 single cores have a core asset and the other always is off waiting for the time at which the computer becomes slow for this into action and speed it up but the truth is annoying to wait is begins to accelerate while this locked, thus always will be assets 2 cores and usually never you botch. In the same way to activate all available RAM memory, what happens if you read my previous article memory RAM works with respect to the task bar, every time that we give double click on something or open a sale this displays a box the taskbar but if they have noticed it takes a little to open this happens because the RAM has to prepare a space to get that window there, to have activated all memory ram already has all the space preparadoy because it is only a matter of put it so it does not take long to open, opens immediately.