Wood Chips and Geogrids

The new technology uses wood chips, which is placed on the geogrid. The use of geogrids can redistribute the load to a large footprint and increase the bearing capacity of pavement coating. During the construction of an experimental plot in the woods visited all the project participants, the leadership of the Forestry Institute, representatives of enterprises road construction. After a series of passes on the pilot section of road 37-ton truck design decision proved to be effective. Strengthening the subgrade polyester geogrid significantly reduces the amount of earthwork, reduces labor, speeds up production and reduce construction costs.

The use of geogrids allows for uniform precipitation of subgrade. Not many dare to Similar experiments using geogrids, following the instincts of the old ways safer, but progress is moving forward. But there are those who develops innovative methods. As you know, all the new perceived with difficulty. To check and study of innovation, geosynthetics in construction of forest roads are best to go by experimentation and learn from the experience of predecessors.

This principle in his work on the development of oil and gas industry guided and UGC. The only thing we can say with confidence – and requires commercial roads will be built, and the sooner we think about their quality and application of technologies with geogrid reinforcement, the be able to save more in the future. Indeed, following the old canons of construction, the result is known to all … After several passages of heavy vehicles on the road, formed a deep rut. We, the transporters to solve this problem regular grading. Now you can get rid of koleeobrazovaniya, only increasing the profitability of times due to the quality of roads on new technology.