World War

However, climatic changes will unchain impacts for population in such a way, how much to the animals and plants, therefore it will modify the ecosystem. Being thus, it is analyzed performance human being giving emphasis the activities that degrade the environment and places the planet in alert. This research has as main focus to tell the alterations that come occurring in the climate, therefore successive changes intensifies the increase of the climatic phenomena. Thus, it is aimed at to alert the population that if not to change our habits we will provoke the destruction of our proper habitat. With this, one searchs to show the climatic alterations and, that it has the man as main causer of them. Of this form, the effect caused of it are explanam disastrous action human being, with the objective to acquire knowledge the population. Thus, it is looked by means of this work to take information regarding the changes that the planet comes developing, searching the interaction man-environment. The CLIMATE AND ITS CHANGES To unmask the dynamism of the atmosphere sufficiently require knowledge on elements and the climatic factors.

This demands the improvement of knowledge in the area, what demand very study and technician-scientific development, what it gave to beginning the search for the desvendamento of the atmospheric system. In the fall of the teocentrismo one confided the doors for new discoveries, increasing the research for the meteorological phenomena. With this, it started to develop devices for analysis and monitoramento of the atmospheric elements, giving origin to the meteorological satellites. According to Mendona (2007), with the foundation of Organizao Meteorolgica Mundial (OMM) in 1950, it was the starting point for attainment of information through the monitoramento of the atmosphere. However, since World War I 1914-1918, that already it made use of the monitoramento of this gaseous layer that involves the land, therefore was necessary to know the field of attack of the enemy.