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Technologies Of Magic: Tilt-Shift And Stop-Motion

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Any photographer or operator knows that the magic – it's very simple. To get the magic photo or video clip magic simply to observe and break a few rules. In general, magic is made up of technology. In this case from the method of taking a picture tilt-shift (Tilt-Shift) and the technology of video stop-motion (Stop-Motion). We are talking about a remarkable act of visual magic at the junction of photography and video. But you see for yourself! But for a start – a couple clarifications.

Technically, the video you will see – it's not video. This set of photos, combined in a slide show so that it turns out that something like a video with a distinctive effect. Furthermore, these photos were taken Tilt-Shift lens. In the case of a normal lens, with its axis parallel to the matrix or film. And the Tilt-Shift lens axis is rejected and as a result of the facilities does not fall into focus.

At a certain approach, facilities, shot "Shift" appear to be toys. This is the second component of magic. And here's the magic of self: Stop Motion video captured Tilt-Shift lens in Hong Kong. Enjoy! Help: Shift lens (from the English. Shift lens – a lens with a shift, or else – Lens with perspective correction, PC-Lens, the control-term) – the camera lens, specifically designed for perspective correction by shifting the lens with respect to film or sensor. Most often used for architectural and other technical subject. The maximum shift of the lens optical axis is different, but is generally 7-11 mm. Shift lenses are typically used for 35 mm SLR cameras, and and medium format cameras. First Shift lens for SLR-cameras began in 1961 f/3.5 PC-Nikkor company Nikon (1961). Some lenses in addition to the shift have the ability to tilt (born tilt and shift). Ability to tilt (tilt) limits the area of field is very narrow area that leads to surprising effects in portraiture photography. For example, a line of models Canon.

Floor Tile Techno

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Techno – commercial name of the collections floor tiles, produced by the enterprise Kerama maratstsi located in the city of Orel. Tile Techno characterize three major physical characteristics: the maximum strength, minimal abrasion, low water absorption and, consequently, high frost resistance. All these high technical parameters predetermine the use of ceramic tile in this series not only in domestic conditions – bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms in apartments and suburban homes, but when you make a commercial property – banks, railway stations, offices. It is also indispensable when selecting coating materials for registration Interiors of restaurants, cafes and hotels. High frost resistance, this material allows to use it as a finishing material for facades and walls of buildings.

Floor tiles Kerama maratstsi series differs Techno stylistic variety, it can beat any direction in design. Nagging classic, bold modern, practical, high-tech – all presented in a tile Techno – the real source of inspiration for contemporary designers and architects. With floor tiles you can create a Techno own unique style, to issue the original interior. Floor tile Techno includes 23 collections of five kinds of sizes. This classical dimensions 30.2 h30, 2 cm, 40.2 x40, 2 cm, 20.1 x20, 1cm, 50.2 x50, 2 cm, as well as original size 20.1 x50, 2 cm in size 30.2 h30, 2 available: Tile Floor Bologna presented in three different colors of natural tones. Characteristic jagged edges give the tile aesthetics and completeness of the Mediterranean style. Floor tile Ganges in warm natural colors, are the undoubted advantage of the collection and decorative objects.