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Heat Engineering

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And although the main indicators of heat engineering PVC wooden windows concedes, the plasticity of the material and ease of processing allows to make from it the elements with high energy-saving measures. A durability of PVC and no need for any complex care provided plastic a number of major competitive advantages in comparison with wood bindings. If we talk about such a task as creating a Maximum heat box, then its solution involves several directions. First – this improvement of Thermal windows due to changes in the profile-factor, the second – using energy-efficient glass, and third – is a qualified professional installation. How then is it done? Traditionally, in Russia and CIS countries was dominated by window profiles with a mounting width of 58 – 60 mm.

They suggested that all manufacturers – German, Russian, Turkish and Chinese. Standard value of the mounting width of 58 mm appeared on the world not as a result of speculative calculations, and as the most cost effective solution to the problem of profile designs, especially the frame. With to a permanent tightening of requirements for energy efficiency has forced developers of specialized systems move towards increasing the circuit width. One of the first such system developed by the German VEKA, presenting the construction a series of market profiles TOPLINE. In 2003, VEKA has released another 70-mm profile system of classical design – SOFTLINE, which in 2005 began to produce and Russian forces group in Moscow and Novosibirsk. The second parameter, which may affect the profile of producers, is the number of chambers in the frame and sash. .

Techno Senegal

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Interesting decorative elements complement and refresh any space. Tile Venice. Italian collection in 2007. Nonuniform color matt base tiles of different shades, originally performed by drawing on a decorative tile, plunges us into the atmosphere of old Italy and brings back memories of its extraordinary history. Riviera – ceramic floor Tile is made in a cozy beige.

Enough to put in his house tile Riviera and a long tradition in the area, comes to life in the natural beauty of natural stone, giving the interior atmosphere of the Italian Mediterranean coast. Uffizi – collection is pretty noble colors – rosso, light gray and brown. Basic tile – it's a little background blur that simulates natural stone, but on Decorative, visually antique tiles, we see a pattern, executed in traditional Italian style. Any room floor tile collection of the Uffizi will add elegance and grandeur. Unusual ceramic tile Floor Hermitage Museum – the mosaic of colorful maze of tracks that gather in the center. It is suitable for large and small rooms, and each time allows you to create a cozy and warm home-like interior.

Peru – color and texture of this tile is reminiscent of natural stone. In the illustration decorative spots present motives of ethnic ornaments. Tile of this collection is ideal for large spaces, and in combination with beautiful furniture and a fireplace give an unforgettable flavor to your home. Prado – interesting and unusual shades of ceramic tile copper and tobacco, smooth surface makes it desirable in many interiors. Decorative borders with rectangles of different sizes to help create a beautiful painting on the floor space be signed. Collection of ceramic floor tile series Techno Senegal, Ballad, Eiger and Trento – large plate size 50.2 x50, 2 cm are good for the clearance of free large rooms. The hot hot desert with different shades of sand enters your home with tile Senegal. Even without decoration, a smooth matte surface of the tile – is perfect for any room decoration. Ballad – Bright vivid colors of floor tiles in this collection will add liveliness and playfulness of the room and create a good mood all day. Eiger – the usual classics in an unusual design. When considering the tile surface it seems a little worn and aged under the influence of fleeting time. Decorative borders, decorated with geometric patterns, make a complete and solid overall composition. The discreet charm of naturalness – so you can say about the floor tiles in Trento. The surface of the floor tiles mimics unusual rocks with their rough surface. Harmonically, it will look in the dining room in the main hall, giving the room the elegance and aesthetics.

Floor Tile Techno

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Techno – commercial name of the collections floor tiles, produced by the enterprise Kerama maratstsi located in the city of Orel. Tile Techno characterize three major physical characteristics: the maximum strength, minimal abrasion, low water absorption and, consequently, high frost resistance. All these high technical parameters predetermine the use of ceramic tile in this series not only in domestic conditions – bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms in apartments and suburban homes, but when you make a commercial property – banks, railway stations, offices. It is also indispensable when selecting coating materials for registration Interiors of restaurants, cafes and hotels. High frost resistance, this material allows to use it as a finishing material for facades and walls of buildings.

Floor tiles Kerama maratstsi series differs Techno stylistic variety, it can beat any direction in design. Nagging classic, bold modern, practical, high-tech – all presented in a tile Techno – the real source of inspiration for contemporary designers and architects. With floor tiles you can create a Techno own unique style, to issue the original interior. Floor tile Techno includes 23 collections of five kinds of sizes. This classical dimensions 30.2 h30, 2 cm, 40.2 x40, 2 cm, 20.1 x20, 1cm, 50.2 x50, 2 cm, as well as original size 20.1 x50, 2 cm in size 30.2 h30, 2 available: Tile Floor Bologna presented in three different colors of natural tones. Characteristic jagged edges give the tile aesthetics and completeness of the Mediterranean style. Floor tile Ganges in warm natural colors, are the undoubted advantage of the collection and decorative objects.