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Google Instant

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In the last time we have been present at a new development as far as the way in which the finders work, by all means of the hand of Google. It is clear that the Giant of Mountain View perceives itself at the most to itself more than a simple vestibule of information, and constantly looks for to put itself to the vanguard of the technology of handling of data. The companies cathedral know well that to prevail in this slippery world of the promotion in Internet it is made essential to watch Google and his constant innovations. For this reason, when appearing this new simply denominated function ” Instant” , irremediably of some form the rules of the game would change. Google Instant? And that is? If before Google seemed to read the mind of the users giving fit and excellent information, now this sensation seems to acquire new forces. Simply, now when the users write a search, Google offers list drop-down with suggestions, as letters enter, in order that the user can simply puncture what wishes to find, before finishing of to write. The characteristic foundations of resemblance are based on which the users read more express than they tipean. Finally they will be the users who determine the success or the failure of Google Instant.

The opinions that take shelter are different. For some he is fantastic that help them to Google with their searches, because including in many opportunities not even the same user it knows what is what it is looking for, and with the suggested searches, the time is used excessive respect to find the information wished. But for others he is very annoying that Google does suggestions to them. The function can be deactivated from the personal preferences. The nodal question is how it will affect this drop-down list the practices of cathedral and positioning Web. Surely, a medium consequence to and long term that we will see is that ” long tail keywords” , that is to say the key phrases, will be reduced. We suppose that users originally look for ” philosophers of Greece and roma” , but while it writes appear the suggestions, being one of them ” philosophy griega”. Although it is not exactly equal, surely the great majority of that they make these searches, will puncture the offered option, because they do not have to tipear more, to save time, or to see what offers Google on this subject.

Consequently, long tail keyword ” philosophers of Greece and roma” it will begin to be less using, losing volume. Some extremists proclaim ” The CATHEDRAL is muerto”. Nevertheless, Google looks for the opposite thing exactly. What their people in charge have showed abiertamente is that what wishes is ” purificar” the Spam Web, and to avoid the manipulations to the positioning and the Pagerank. For this reason, who bets to ” CATHEDRAL of calidad” , oriented the user, trying to offer him contained valuable, it will have a comparative advantage on that they appeal to techniques of black or congregation hat.

Mobile Phones

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Agree, this is pretty important now, the question 'Is Harmful to the health of a mobile phone? " Let's try to find the answer yourself, no arguments of scientific institutes and members of the Academy of Sciences. First, we define the following: Harmful if phone if he just hangs in a case on your belt or hang out in your pants pocket? At first glance – not bad, because it is in standby mode, only works on reception and did not transmit. It seems to be. Put a mobile phone near any receiver and after a while you hear a noise that lasted two or three seconds. No, this is not a neighbor-ham 'started' a powerful amplifier, this is your phone sends the information currently the nearest rig. That is, he still works for the transfer, though very rarely. Does the phone at this time of harm to our health? Probably not, because these transfers of short duration and occur at intervals of several tens of minutes.

In fairness, we note that both of them useful, too, nothing will happen. Now turn to the situation when we start talking. The transmitter runs on the phone all the power without interruption. The radiation frequency is very high, at much higher than that of the radiotelephone and approaches to a range of microwave ovens. And for what purpose is the microwave oven, we all know.

Of course, its power is much higher, plus exposure occurs from different sides, the mobile is 'radiates' one point But here in my brains! Signal passes a dozen kilometers of 'saute', so how can for him to be a serious barrier thickness of a human skull? Doubtful. So why are the owners of mobile phones to still a large number do not go to the hospital with very serious disease of the brain? There are several options: 1. Power of mobile phone radiation is too small to be harmful to human health. Suggest believe it is in it. 2. Wavelength, which is issued to the phone all the same is not dangerous to humans. Also a great option. 3. Our body has an excellent flexibility, may have a short time appeared immune to radiation mobile phone. Slightly worse than previous versions, but much better than fourth. 4. Quantity has not yet managed to move into quality. As the computer is infected with a virus, do not stop working until the malware is not destroy a certain number of important data. In humans, the same files – it's brain cells, they kept and is treated absolutely all the information. Only, unlike hard drives, human nerve cells can not be a new installation operating system, they are destroyed once and for all. What kind of option is more or less believable? Let everyone choose for himself. From my advice is: do not need to talk on a cell phone for a long time, and if there is opportunity, you should use a wired headset. ps Read the pessimists. Know exactly what if next to apartment buildings pose a mobile tower operator, all apartments are lost cockroaches. And they, among other things, live on planet much longer, and we adapt to any environmental conditions.