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Mobile Phones

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Agree, this is pretty important now, the question 'Is Harmful to the health of a mobile phone? " Let's try to find the answer yourself, no arguments of scientific institutes and members of the Academy of Sciences. First, we define the following: Harmful if phone if he just hangs in a case on your belt or hang out in your pants pocket? At first glance – not bad, because it is in standby mode, only works on reception and did not transmit. It seems to be. Put a mobile phone near any receiver and after a while you hear a noise that lasted two or three seconds. No, this is not a neighbor-ham 'started' a powerful amplifier, this is your phone sends the information currently the nearest rig. That is, he still works for the transfer, though very rarely. Does the phone at this time of harm to our health? Probably not, because these transfers of short duration and occur at intervals of several tens of minutes.

In fairness, we note that both of them useful, too, nothing will happen. Now turn to the situation when we start talking. The transmitter runs on the phone all the power without interruption. The radiation frequency is very high, at much higher than that of the radiotelephone and approaches to a range of microwave ovens. And for what purpose is the microwave oven, we all know.

Of course, its power is much higher, plus exposure occurs from different sides, the mobile is 'radiates' one point But here in my brains! Signal passes a dozen kilometers of 'saute', so how can for him to be a serious barrier thickness of a human skull? Doubtful. So why are the owners of mobile phones to still a large number do not go to the hospital with very serious disease of the brain? There are several options: 1. Power of mobile phone radiation is too small to be harmful to human health. Suggest believe it is in it. 2. Wavelength, which is issued to the phone all the same is not dangerous to humans. Also a great option. 3. Our body has an excellent flexibility, may have a short time appeared immune to radiation mobile phone. Slightly worse than previous versions, but much better than fourth. 4. Quantity has not yet managed to move into quality. As the computer is infected with a virus, do not stop working until the malware is not destroy a certain number of important data. In humans, the same files – it's brain cells, they kept and is treated absolutely all the information. Only, unlike hard drives, human nerve cells can not be a new installation operating system, they are destroyed once and for all. What kind of option is more or less believable? Let everyone choose for himself. From my advice is: do not need to talk on a cell phone for a long time, and if there is opportunity, you should use a wired headset. ps Read the pessimists. Know exactly what if next to apartment buildings pose a mobile tower operator, all apartments are lost cockroaches. And they, among other things, live on planet much longer, and we adapt to any environmental conditions.

Apartment Alarm System

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That definitely meant a direct train issues, namely, for the kids to move to another school directly for us longer to get to the office. At some time, until all possible options were chosen sharing an apartment in another district on the Internet Meets advertising companies 'Fenhaus'. After talking individually with representatives of organizations that came to clarify the reason for failure to use this alarm. Any use of the apartment alarm system should have broadcast an alarm to the police, using a radio frequency, in fact that criminals are likely commonplace wilderness. Since losing in general, has clearly become nothing came up relocation, but the format of the experiment, setting alarms in the apartment specialists 'Fenhaus' has been implemented in full. Two days later, had been scheduled for the trip but only after passing beyond it, did call Cell.

During the conversation with the policeman, it became clear that property as a result of the signal received from alarm systems to the control post, was arrested a gang of criminals who have tried rob our apartment. Immediately returned to her home us, waiting for the district, which is actually a very satisfied look revealed that it's likely the same criminals who have repeatedly robbed our expensive apartment. In the end, and happened, and even a certain part of the stolen we get a refund. Direct evidence of positive cooperation with the firm 'Fenhaus' was put forward such a solution, and is to continue such cooperation, namely the burglar alarm was installed in office, and was equipped with a special button instant recall of protection. In order not to wait until such time as the call, that suburban dacha someone 'cleaned', the result after the order through the World Wide Web, professionals 'Fenhaus', was also mounted burglar alarm to the country. Now, recalling the terrible feelings of hopelessness, being on the verge of once again robbed the apartment, the cost, which itself was embedded in the installation of security systems, specialist organizations 'Fenhaus', particularly as a result after the confirmation of its efficiency does not seem significant.