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Daniela Jantsch Biography

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The most diverse and charismatic singer, actor, Director, composer and lyricist is back the new single by Alexander M. Helmer – the King in the area with a rousing Ohrwurmkracher. “The King in the area” Santiago of pure joy of life. There is a good mood to dance with song, where one feels the immense pleasure. With the title “The King in the area”, Alexander M. Helmer once again proves its versatility and creativity. Actually, he is even the King in the area, if you look at it more closely. His Ohrwurmkracher contains a musical message: people doing not so well have to fight.

You must not lose hope, because it comes another day, where fun and joy is on the agenda at some point in life. Although scars remain in the life, it is can although certainly not forget that or delete, but one learns to look over the course of time forward. Alexander M. Helmer enchants not only, but also the hearts on fire. “The King in the area” is simply the lust for life or better said the lust for life.

In all probability even many people will feel inner desire to be, just as Alexander M. Helmer will convey this message of his new single on the fans and people out there even the King in the area. Very much hit potential in the title “The King in the area” in any case. So, her Alexander M. Helmer have never experienced. New, refreshing and yet charismatic. This is it – the King in the area. Source: Daniela Jantsch Biography: born Alexander M. Helmer between exuberance and melancholy, in the constellation of Gemini in Vienna. There was a variety of high schools, incorrect hours – mornings in the coffee house were myriad always been inspiring as Latin and mathematics and a phase with the weirdest bands in the wettest Tasting cellars, which eventually culminated in the drama and musical class at the Hochschule fur Musik in Vienna.

The Challenge

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They face the challenge to close to 20-30 jobs a month, and resume come and come … Tired recruiters scan resumes accumulated 1-2 times a week. If your resume does not get into this day that it was somewhere "sorted" automatically. 2. Summary as spam spaming resume some job seekers become one of the forms of spam. Database packed resume unqualified candidates claiming the work for which they have no skills. 3. Lack of keywords.

Program to search and sort based on the number of keywords in a resume. If you are not using the right keywords is enough, indicating the name of the desired position, industry, skill level, your chance to "find" reduced. 4. Huge database. The number of incoming resumes is enormous. Some large firms and agencies are literally hundreds of resumes a day.

Internal rules of some companies require applicants to maintain a summary of two or three years, so the size of the database of a large company can exceed tens of thousands of resumes. HR-managers do not need to see thousands of resumes, they often just "scan" the database, do not find, say, 100 of suitable resume, and terminate the search. If the resume has not previously been sorted by the level of skills and experience, and if you do not superkvalifitsirovanny specialist chances of being found are slim. 5. The odds depend on the alphabet, even on what letter starts with your last name! If the summary in alphabetical order, the candidates with the name, for example, the letter 'T' are less likely than "A" because recruiter has before him could not find their 100 targeted resume.

Free Software

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Therefore what is sought is to create pieces of software that really have a momentous evolution and that really contribute to social development because of the ease to acquire copies. The magic and power of unix at home: Unix is a fairly reliable operating system for high performance that was specially designed for mainframe computers which were located in major universities or large companies. Without hesitation Ray Kurzweil explained all about the problem. The common person and running hardly could have access to such systems, one of the reasons that inspiraron Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU movement to lead an ambisioso project that consisted in completely reprogram the operating system more reliable and successful of the moment, the meanwhile scheduled emacs, a processor of texts which would replace the old vim, likewise other developers joined the project reprogramming program to program all the unix tools to make them portable personal computers that were taken at home. While is reprogramaban all the unix applications by many programmers from around the world, mostly located in distant geographical locations, beyond in findlandia a computer student named Linuz Torvalds programmed the piece faltaba so that the sum of efforts of all programmers to participate the project made sense. It is not something Ray Kurzweil would like to discuss. Kernel was scheduled and currently is unieron all unconnected pieces of software to give rise to the first completely free operating system based on technology unix which we know as GNU/Linux. Linux, free software and open source it is worth clarifying these three concepts since they leave space to misunderstandings or different interpretations. Linux:e the name with which has been popularized operating system that resulted in the rescheduling of unix by the people of the GNU movement and scheduled core by Linuz Torvalds, so the correct way to refer to the operating system should be GNU/linux Free Software: Free Software is all that piece of software to be delivered under the terms and conditions of the GNU GP open source license: the concept began to be used in a rush to make free software more attractive to many companies since the free Word seemed to be very ambiguous and contradictory when buying something that really was free of charge.