The Challenge

They face the challenge to close to 20-30 jobs a month, and resume come and come … Tired recruiters scan resumes accumulated 1-2 times a week. If your resume does not get into this day that it was somewhere "sorted" automatically. 2. Summary as spam spaming resume some job seekers become one of the forms of spam. Database packed resume unqualified candidates claiming the work for which they have no skills. 3. Lack of keywords.

Program to search and sort based on the number of keywords in a resume. If you are not using the right keywords is enough, indicating the name of the desired position, industry, skill level, your chance to "find" reduced. 4. Huge database. The number of incoming resumes is enormous. Some large firms and agencies are literally hundreds of resumes a day.

Internal rules of some companies require applicants to maintain a summary of two or three years, so the size of the database of a large company can exceed tens of thousands of resumes. HR-managers do not need to see thousands of resumes, they often just "scan" the database, do not find, say, 100 of suitable resume, and terminate the search. If the resume has not previously been sorted by the level of skills and experience, and if you do not superkvalifitsirovanny specialist chances of being found are slim. 5. The odds depend on the alphabet, even on what letter starts with your last name! If the summary in alphabetical order, the candidates with the name, for example, the letter 'T' are less likely than "A" because recruiter has before him could not find their 100 targeted resume.